Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Objections to Hell #4

As we look at the fourth objection to hell, it seems so true at first sound, but like so many other cons, when you look beneath the surface you will discover the very opposite to be the case.

4.God is a God of love…therefore hell cannot exist!

Ask people who say that hell does not exist if they lock their car, house? Do they have a bank account or just leave their money on the front lawn hoping that no one will come and take their money? Do these people have secret pin numbers for their debit and credit cards? If they have children, do these people leave their most prized possessions alone with people who are known pedophiles or murderers?

Why not!?

If we give ourselves the right to protect what is ours, even though everything we have is only borrowed from God. If we give ourselves the right to protect our loved ones, why do we all of a sudden change the rules when it comes to God?

Would it be loving for God to allow wolves into His heaven to prey upon His sheep? No!

Would it be loving for God to force rebels to turn from their sin, against their wills? No!

Would it be loving for God to call all to repent and come to Him for free forgiveness, but those who refuse to come will get what they wanted…an eternity without God and without His pesky people…Yes.

For those who reject the Bible’s teaching about hell because they say it takes away from God’s love…need to answer the following question…how deep is their God’s love?

What does their God do to show His love? What does His love cost…Him?

If God is all powerful then what sacrifice is it for Him to simply zap gifts for people? If God can speak the worlds into existence with a word…then it would be nothing for Him to speak gifts for us…costing Him nothing…because in the end He has an unending bank account.

This last objection tries to protect God’s love…tries to magnify it…but in the end…it makes God’s love something that is superficial…shallow…love in only word…but not in sacrificial deeds.

Jesus suffering was more than just physical…something infinitely more!

The teaching of hell does the very opposite of diminishing the love of God…it shows to us how deep and great God’s love really is…

On the Cross, God suffered the infinite wrath that was due our sins…showing that His love for us is without bounds…and He was willing to do anything to deliver us!

Every gift we experience and enjoy, we do so at God’s expense!

When you enjoy a good meal, a good laugh with friends…or simply enjoy a cool glass of water [remember the rich man in Jesus parable was denied a drop of water]…remember that the only reason why you can do so…is because God is love…and that at the Cross of Calvary…God showed His love by suffering and dying to bring you those blessings…and not just eternal life!

Each sin deserves wrath, not blessing…Jesus took the wrath in order for anyone to experience God’s blessing. If Jesus did not die on the cross there would be absolutely NO good gifts, NO blessings for those who sinned EVEN ONCE!

May our hearts daily trust in this Great God, and may we spend the rest of our days…and into eternity…worshiping Him, adoring Him, and thanking Him for His great love, that was willing to suffer the pains of hell…so that we would not have to!

If you have not surrendered your heart to this God do so today! Look at His unfathomable love! Look at His immeasurable forgiveness! God is abundant in loving kindness and mercy! He doesn’t want sinners to suffer the torments of eternity without Him…this is why He was willing to suffer in their place.

Go to Jesus Today! Today is the day of salvation!


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