Monday, September 21, 2009

How To Make An Airplane Disappear Before Your Eyes!!

How do they do it?

I can remember years ago watching Illusionist David Copperfield make an airplane vanish...right before the eyes of millions of T.V observers...another time...he made the Statue of Liberty vanish!

Again, I does he do it?

It is all illusion...Copperfield is a master of making you see [or not see] what he wants...and not what you want.

This also happens in our discussion of God...there are many "illusionists" out there who can actually make it seem like God vanishes...right before your eyes...

these illsionists don't use mirrors...they use faulty arguments!

Let me show you one that many dishonest philosopher use to deceive people with.

In my last post I showed how without God you could have no absolute standard of morality...

Our illusionist philosophers begin by turning things upside down on their head, by saying...if God existed then absolute morality would be impossible!

...and here are the two reasons to prove it! [the audience begins to get drawn in...waiting to hear of the two arguments to make God disappear from the realm of morality].

Reason #1- If morality depended upon the arbitrary whims of a god, the god could decide that torturing people was evil/immoral at one point in time, and then later on change his mind and decide that torturing people was good/moral.

"So, you see"...they tell you..."the very existence of a god would actually destroy a absolute standard of morality."

..."but there is more!"...they they try and make God disappear.

Reason #2- If you try and respond by saying that God doesn't make up rules...but he himself followers a higher law...a higher law of morality...then these philosophers begin to smile the grin of victory.

They tell you triumphantly..."if there is a higher law above this being called god...and god himself has to follow this law...then we don't need god to have an absolute standard of morality...we can do away with god...and merely follow the same higher standard of morality."

With these two arguments the atheistic philosophers have made it seem like God is not needed to have an absolute standard of fact...the existence of a god would actually fight against an absolute standard...

But they haven't been honest with the illusionist, they have been showing you...what they want you to see...and not what is really going on.

They have given you two options to choose from...reason #1 or reason #2...could there be a third option?...and within these two options...they have stacked the deck to make you think how they want you to think.

Is there a higher law above God? No!

"Aha"...they shout..."then morality is destroyed because God can make good evil and evil good!"

The God of the Bible doesn't make up morality out of thin air...morality is a reflection of God's perfect, good and unchanging character.

God is love...God is morally when God reveals to us what is good...He is revealing His perfect character [that does not change]...and when God reveals to us what evil is...He is showing us things that go against His perfect unchanging character.

Over the years I have heard this argument many building up a weak argument...only to tear it down...and try and look like heros.

Interestingly their argument to try and disprove God they talk about some higher law above God...but what this higher law it exists!

The reason for that there is no higher law above God.

Morality is God's unchanging character!


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